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There are so many different options for the treatment of anxiety that you may find yourself wondering which one is best for you. This helpful guide will teach you how to decide the best approach to take for your anxiety treatment.

Anxiety Disorder affects about 12% of the adult population and is characterized by excessive worry about the present and future events. Even in expert hands, this disorder can be very difficult to treat, and treatment options are often ineffective, leading to a life in the shadows of your symptoms. Anxiety Disorder can also lead to excessive stomach upset and headaches and is often linked to Major Depression.

Ketamine For Anxiety Treatment in Reno

One of the biggest benefits to Ketamine Infusion for anxiety treatment is its ability to sometimes bring relief to anxiety symptoms within minutes or hours, rather than the weeks or months your typical antidepressant may take.

If your anxiety is impacting your everyday life and making it impossible to carry out even simple tasks, it might be time to seek help or treatment. Ketamine Infusion treatment centers are an innovative new treatment option that can help treat anxiety or panic within hours. Ketamine, an FDA-approved anesthetic, has been used to treat anxiety disorders for over a decade.

How Does Ketamine Help Anxiety?

Exactly how Ketamine treats anxiety disorders is still being researched. The current understanding is that Ketamine binds to receptors in the brain that increases the amount of a neurotransmitter, glutamate, is released. This will then set off a chain of reactions within the brain that affects thinking and emotional regulation.

To put this in simpler terms, the brain reacts to Ketamine in a way that triggers hormones that help create more positive emotions. This can occur within minutes after a person receives their infusion, but some people may need several treatments before they experience the highest level of benefits.

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