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I am happy to announce a new service line at WellCentric Health. I have partnered with my great friend Dr. Bob Watson and will be offering my concierge and cannabinoid medicine services.

I am a medical doctor trained in internal medicine and a diplomat of the American Board of Internal Medicine. I have lived in Reno over 35 years and enjoy the mountains and northern Nevada. I have practiced locally as an internal medicine doctor and hospitalist for the past 11 years. I LOVE my patients and want to partner with them to optimize their health and well-being. I bring years of experience in managing chronic medical issues and advocate a healthy lifestyle. My patients will greatly benefit from my experience and personalized care.

I am also a regional cannabis expert with extensive cannabinoid knowledge.  I can help patients understand the practical aspects of cannabis and if it can benefit them.

Most of all, I want to develop lasting doctor-patient relationship like it was meant to be.

Robert Dalrymple, MD, MBA

Services Offered


            -Increased access with same day or next appointments.

            -Telemedicine access most any time.

            -Annual physicals and wellness assessment with wellness plan.

            -Hospitalization advocacy and monitoring.

            -Chronic Medical Management, i.e. diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease.

            -Quarterly health seminars.

            -Travel Medicine recommendations

I will perform consults for cannabinoid medicine to cover the medical use of cannabis and hemp for wellness, sports and disease. I can develop custom formulations to help with common medical issues likely chronic pain, insomnia, general wellness and athletic applications.  I will follow your progress and make changes, as needed, in follow up appointments.

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