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WellCentric Health in Reno is a personalized medicine practice focused on evaluating your health in its entirety and developing a root cause resolution. We use your history, your story, and your data to create a complete picture of your health. With this information, we can provide a personalized plan for you to start your journey to optimal wellness.

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Our Process Is different

The way that Dr. Watson works with patients differs considerably from the conventional medical model you may be accustomed to. Please read the following information thoroughly to familiarize yourself with the process.

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The Patient Journey

Dr. Watson’s case review process is unlike that, which any other doctor uses, and rather, much more resembles the work of a detective who carefully analyzes all pertinent info, determines what questions arise from the information at hand, reviews what is available thus far both as pertinent findings and pertinent negatives (what’s already been ruled out), then sets out to acquire the outstanding pieces of evidence needed to make an accurate diagnosis and develop a plan for recovery. After the full case review is complete, the diagnosis will be identified as well as the full overview of how to address all of the layers involved in a step by step, methodical and systematic process. This is then further broken down into phases of actionable steps, with the expectation that customizing the plan further will need to take place in subsequent follow-up appointments along the way that are indicated by monitoring and observing the healing that unfolds in a dynamic process.

Welcome to WellCentric Health. We are looking forward to helping you through your transformational health journey.

Please Review:

  • Patient Policies
  • Steps 1-4

Get Started:

  • Log in to the Patient Portal
  • Complete all of the New Patient Questionnaires
  • Send us a message in the Patient Portal informing us that you are ready to move forward.
  • Our team will connect with you via the Patient Portal to schedule your New Patient Appointment.
  • At this time you will also schedule your New Patient Orientation
  • Start your journey and change your life.
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Note: The Welcome Consult DOES NOT establish a doctor/patient relationship.

WellCentric takes our role as your partner in achieving your health goals very seriously. When you start as a new patient with us, you’ll begin with a 15-20 minute consult with Dr. Watson. During this time, we will learn about your goals to ensure that our treatment methods are the right choice for you. Our ultimate goal is to be your guide and support while you commit to the hard work and accountability necessary to transform your health and overall quality of life.

Upon completion of the first meeting, should we decide to move forward together, you will have the opportunity to start your case review process by completing your health journey questionnaire, completing a medical symptom questionnaire, receiving an order for initial blood work (from the best lab based on your insurance) and setting up the initial full intake appointment.

After the first several months of working together, we will review your progress and evaluate which membership package is best suited to help you continue to progress on your path to wellness.

Please note: If any additional appointments are needed outside of the membership, they will be charged at the provider rate.


Tier 1 Membership

  • MONTH 1: Appointment with Dr. Watson
  • MONTH 2: Appointment with Dr. Watson + Patient Support Appointment
  • MONTH 3: Appointment with Dr. Watson
  • MONTH 4: Appointment with Dr. Watson*

Tier 2 Membership

  • MONTH 1: Patient Support Appointment
  • MONTH 2: Appointment with Dr. Watson
  • MONTH 3: Patient Support Appointment
  • MONTH 4: Appointment with Dr. Watson*

Maintenance Membership (6 month program)

  • 6 MONTH PROGRAM: One 60 Minute Appointment with Dr. Watson Plus a Patient Support Appointment
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In functional medicine, we see the body as an interconnected whole, within a larger environment. Our functional medicine doctors in Reno, NV recognize that in order to treat one part of the body, all other parts must also be considered.

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