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Ketamine For Anxiety: Does It Really Work?


Anxiety and anxiety disorders are extremely common. However, while anxiety can be normal in stressful situations, an anxiety disorder affects one’s physical, emotional, and mental health much more seriously and is more impactful–even crippling. Oftentimes, those with an anxiety disorder find daily tasks difficult and allow the fear and worry they experience to control [...]

Ketamine For Anxiety: Does It Really Work?2022-05-25T22:11:41-07:00

Self-Care for an Extraordinary Life


Self-care is not frivolous; it’s absolutely essential to an incredible life. When you fill your cup first, you can give to others authentically and deeply. Working with a health coach helps to improve lifestyle outcomes. Coaches partner with and support new ways to approach daily life challenges. Making small daily changes to your routine [...]

Self-Care for an Extraordinary Life2022-05-26T08:30:48-07:00

Featured Supplement: N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)


N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) At WellCentric Health we have a few supplements that we consider foundational that we recommend to every client because of the benefits they provide in avoiding disease and promoting health. N-acetyl cysteine is, definitely, one of those supplements and one we all take daily. N-acetyl cysteine is a compound of [...]

Featured Supplement: N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)2022-06-02T10:40:36-07:00

How Familiar Are You With Your Immune System?


Immune function is getting a lot of attention these days with the looming threat of COVID-19, but sadly, for many, our immune systems were very much in a suboptimal state when this new threat was introduced. Are you confident your immune system is prepared for a COVID attack? Will you be ready for the [...]

How Familiar Are You With Your Immune System?2022-05-26T12:36:32-07:00

What Does Depression Feel Like?


Depression - What is it? Sadness is a normal human reaction that every person alive likely feels at least once a day. Sometimes, these feelings of sadness turn into something more and become debilitating – a mental health condition known as depression. Depression, despite being a mental health disorder, is not just a [...]

What Does Depression Feel Like?2022-05-26T12:47:37-07:00

JAMA Study Shows Functional Medicine Leads Healthy Life


It may seem obvious that working with our physiology and biochemistry to help our bodies restore the natural balance that millions of years of evolution carefully put into place with awe-inspiring complexity and precision would be smart thing to do. How might that functional medicine (FM) approach to health and correcting disease compare to [...]

JAMA Study Shows Functional Medicine Leads Healthy Life2022-05-26T12:51:08-07:00

COVID-19 What We’re Doing to Help Our Patients During This Time


As the concern for the coronavirus continues to grow, we want to do our part to inform our patients on what we are doing to help keep you safe and provide continued treatment options during this time. WellCentric Health during COVID-19 times will continue to operate as usual, but with an enhanced focus on sanitizing our [...]

COVID-19 What We’re Doing to Help Our Patients During This Time2022-05-26T12:55:51-07:00

Association of the Functional Medicine Model


The incidence of chronic disease is increasing along with health care-related costs. The functional medicine model of care provides a unique operating system to reverse illness, promote health and optimize function.The association between this model of care and patient’s health-related quality of life (HRQoL) is unknown. Download PDF Here

Association of the Functional Medicine Model2022-05-26T13:01:14-07:00

Myths and Facts About Functional Medicine


Looking for information about functional medicine in Reno? Doctors who practice functional medicine are trained to see the human body not as a collection of independent systems, but as one connected system. They treat each patient as a person, not just as someone who has a presenting symptom. Their preferred approach is not to just [...]

Myths and Facts About Functional Medicine2022-05-26T13:07:16-07:00

Does Functional Medicine Only Offer Preventive Benefits?


Gone are the days when preventive care and alternative forms of medicine were a niche segment of medicine. In fact, The Cleveland Clinic, which is consistently ranked as one of the top three hospitals in the United States, has set up a functional medicine clinic that’s been so successful, it’s had to double its [...]

Does Functional Medicine Only Offer Preventive Benefits?2022-05-26T13:13:52-07:00
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