Integrated Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine Therapy shouldn’t replace clinical therapy. In fact, it is more effective when used in tandem with clinical therapy in what is considered an “integrated approach.” Fortunately, here at WellCentric, we have the advantage of collaborating with Kay Reimers MSW LCSW, our Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapist.

Meet Kay Reimers:

“Hello! It is my pleasure to offer my services to WellCentric patients. As a clinician with over 25 years of experience in private practice, and as a WellCentric Ketamine patient, I offer a unique approach and insight to your healing experience.”

Kay’s take on the integrated approach:

“Research and patient testimonials support that participating in therapy as part of your Ketamine treatment significantly improves overall outcome, and it vastly improves your conscious experience of the treatment. Prior to the start of infusion treatment, a preparation or “mind set” session is recommended. Additionally, excellent results occur when utilizing post infusion integration sessions following each infusion. Integration facilitates interpretation and insights which can be used to change day to day experiences related to pain, PTSD, depression, anxiety, or any distressing mental state including history of failed therapy and treatment resistant diagnoses.

WellCentric patients have utilized my clinical services in a variety of ways. New patients can schedule one or more pre-infusion sessions depending on your situation. If you are actively experiencing suicidal thinking, a prior session is highly recommended. Often WellCentric patients use “integration” therapy immediately following each infusion (day after). Post-infusion integration can be limited to the initial infusion series, or as often as needed. Patients have also continued therapy beyond the infusion series.

You already see a therapist? Wonderful! Seeking preparation and integration from your own therapist is appropriate. Some have used my expertise during the infusion series and return to their prior therapist. As a WellCentric patient who has been successfully treated for major depression to the point of no longer needing psychotropic medications, as well as my practice being limited to Ketamine patients, I have a unique and intimate understanding of the WellCentric process. I see patients off site at 888 W.Second St. Suite 305 Reno, NV 89503. Visit for more information. I congratulate you on seeking the very best treatment options for yourself.”

More about Kay:

“I am a Reno native and studied at UNR, gaining a BA degree in psychology. I continued my studies at California State University, Sacramento where I focused on Clinical Social Work obtaining a Masters in Social Work (MSW). I have worked in therapeutic settings my entire career and was licensed in WA in 2010. I returned to Reno area in 2021 and am a LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) # 9200-C.

I LOVE sunshine! All activities that can be enjoyed in the sun are my gig. My favorite is hiking and paddle boarding the many mountain lakes our area has to offer. I grew up skiing the Sierras and still enjoy hitting the slopes. My “bestie” is my adventure dog, Mazie May, who travels, hikes, loves sand, and water, especially paddle boarding!”

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