Innovative New Bipolar Disorder Treatment in Reno

Bipolar disorder is a lifelong condition that can not be “cured” and goes through unpredictable periods of both ups and downs. If you have bipolar disorder, there is no shame in seeking treatment.

Bipolar disorder can disrupt your life and can be difficult to treat effectively. If your bipolar disorder is left without treatment, these periods can be devastating and can make it difficult to live a stable life. Early diagnosis and early treatment are key to alleviating the symptoms.

Treatment of bipolar disorder relies on a number of factors. In many cases, medication alone will not be enough treatment. That’s where ketamine therapy can help.

Ketamine and Bipolar Disorder

A combination of medication and psychotherapy is the most common treatment method for patients affected by bipolar disorder. Many patients make use of ongoing sessions with a counselor, while some may get involved in support groups or attend workshops and classes that are meant to educate individuals and families about their mood disorder.

Ketamine therapy for bipolar disorder often involves infusing a sub-dissociative dose of ketamine hydrochloride intravenously. Patients are awake during the procedure, but an anesthesiologist or other qualified healthcare professional is often present for patient monitoring since ketamine is typically used as a dissociative anesthetic.

How does ketamine help Bipolar Disorder?

Unlike antidepressants and other medications commonly prescribed for bipolar patients, using ketamine to treat bipolar depression can offer significant relief within the span of a few hours.

Many patients notice relief from symptoms within hours and longer-lasting relief within the days following their second infusion. The best part is that there isn’t concern about any negative side-effects that accompany many conventional antidepressants.

Ketamine therapy has been used as an effective substitute for treatments like ECT and TMS, which might require months of costly, continuous treatment just before the patient sees results.

To get the most out of your treatment, you must educate yourself about bipolar disorder and trust the treatment plan your doctor, therapist, or healthcare provider has set out for you.

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Psychotherapy & Integrated Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine Therapy shouldn’t replace clinical therapy. In fact, it is more effective when used in tandem with clinical therapy in what is considered an “integrated approach.” Fortunately, here at WellCentric, we have the advantage of collaborating with Kay Reimers MSW LCSW, our Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapist.