How Ketamine Therapy Treats Depression and PTSD


While functional medicine is not a new method used to treat disease and illness, it is now rapidly gaining popularity in the United States. By definition, functional medicine is a holistic approach to healthcare. Because this approach focuses on identifying and addressing the root causes of diseases, Americans are realizing that functional medicine can [...]

How Ketamine Therapy Treats Depression and PTSD2023-01-03T09:39:42-08:00

Why Choose Intravenous Ketamine Therapy?


WellCentric Health in Reno, Nevada prides itself on providing safe, effective intravenous (IV) ketamine therapy that is administered by experienced medical professionals. We have seen the positive impact that ketamine therapy can have on people suffering from mental health problems, including depression and PTSD. Our goal is to help every patient get the most [...]

Why Choose Intravenous Ketamine Therapy?2023-01-03T09:39:43-08:00
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