October 1, 2022

Why Choose Intravenous Ketamine Therapy?

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WellCentric Health in Reno, Nevada prides itself on providing safe, effective intravenous (IV) ketamine therapy that is administered by experienced medical professionals. We have seen the positive impact that ketamine therapy can have on people suffering from mental health problems, including depression and PTSD. Our goal is to help every patient get the most effective treatment possible so that they can experience the positive results. This is why we choose to only  provide ketamine therapy via intravenous methods. Other providers offer nasal sprays, intramuscular injections and oral applications, but we have found that only intravenous ketamine has a proven track record of success

The Benefits Of Intravenous Ketamine 

While alternative forms of ketamine therapy exist, such as oral lozenges, nasal sprays and intramuscular injections, WellCentric Health believes that intravenous (IV)  therapy is the most effective solution. Other forms of therapy may seem lucrative, but none of them have the successful track record that IV ketamine has shown in the 30+ years it has been studied. Oral, nasal, and intramuscular ketamine delivery has not been as extensively studied and the effects remain unproven.

Data published in hundreds of research papers from the National Institute of Mental Health and many other prestigious medical centers and universities like Yale and Mt. Sinai, have confirmed IV ketamine’s safety and efficacy in treating a multitude of mood disorders like treatment resistant depression, PTSD, major anxiety and others. WellCentric Health chooses to offer intravenous ketamine therapy instead of other forms of ketamine delivery because we believe in science-based results.

Comparing Intramuscular Injections 

Studies have shown that intramuscular (IM) ketamine delivery can result in very rapid uptake of ketamine from the muscle, which can result in unpreventably high blood levels. When this occurs, the patient has a much greater risk of entering an uncomfortable, dissociative state. Additionally, without an intravenous line to administer a rescue drug, there is no way to counter the experience aside from waiting for blood levels to return to lower levels.

Comparing Nasal Sprays

Along the same lines as other, non IV forms of ketamine delivery, nasal ketamine absorption into the body can be erratic and lead to unintended consequences and decreased effectiveness. When administered nasally, ketamine is absorbed into arteries in the back of the nose that carry the drug directly to the middle of the pre-frontal cortex, which is rich in opiate receptors. This results in a completely different experience than IV ketamine treatments, and leaves patients more prone to repeated use and abuse if allowed for home use. This is why Johnson and Johnson’s nasal spray, Spravato, is only prescribed for in-office, supervised administration.

Comparing Oral Lozenges

Similarly to IM and nasal forms, oral ketamine can cause rapid absorption and results in blood levels that are unpredictable and highly erratic. Furthermore, oral lozenges may be used at home, without the supervision of a qualified medical professional. This creates a serious safety issue and the potential for disturbing dissociative experiences that cannot be managed or treated becomes more likely. 

We believe that oral ketamine delivery done at home is not a substitute for the safe and more effective IV administration offered in a medical setting by experienced medical professionals.

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